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Seeds of Light is an exclusive opportunity to gift a private matching session and a bespoke IX Crystal, chosen by your special someone from the comfort of their home.

Your gift includes:

Bespoke IX Crystal

Private Matching Session

Pre-Session Gift

Give a gift of purpose and intention - one that is designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit.

Awaken   I   $800

A crystal to hold close to your heart.

Illuminate   I   $1600

A Crystal to light up a room.

Amplify   I   $3200

A Crystal to share with the world.

Let us create an unforgettable experience.Select a price tier, and we will take it from there.

Email To Reserve

To reserve your IX Gift, email

What the IX Experience entails: Initial ConsultationAn IX team member will contact you to answer questions and begin to customize the Crystal experience for you and your intended recipient. Gift Giver Intake QuestionnaireA short online intake questionnaire is sent to you, the gift giver. In it, we invite you to express any desires and intentions for your gift. These will be woven into the recipient's Crystal experience. Gift NotificationThe recipient receives an email from IX announcing their gift on the date specified by you. Recipient Intake QuestionnaireThe email will also include a link inviting the recipient to complete an online intake questionnaire. This information will guide our Crystalogist and team as they create a customized digital matching experience for the recipient. Scheduling the SessionWhen IX receives the completed questionnaire, we will contact the recipient and schedule a one-hour Zoom appointment for the matching experience. A Beautiful Pre-Session Gift BoxPrior to the appointment date, the recipient will receive a beautiful gift box with a few items to help them prepare for the session. The Digital Matching SessionDuring the Zoom call, the recipient will be introduced to 3-5 Crystals that reflect the desires expressed in both intake questionnaires. Our Crystalogist will explain the qualities and attributes of each Crystal, while guiding the recipient to intuitively select their perfect match. Crystal AmplificationThe chosen Crystal will be placed with the IX Master Crystals for a few days to amplify and strengthen the intentions of the gift giver and recipient. The Crystal will also be bathed in the energies of the worldwide IX Crystal grid, which will be accessible to the Crystal and recipient going forward. Shipping the CrystalThe Crystal will be carefully wrapped and shipped to your recipient. Included will be access to a digital passport that explains the unique characteristics of the Crystal, along with a personalized message just for the recipient.

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