IX High-Frequency Crystals

Everything has a natural vibration, or frequency, that fluctuates depending on its surroundings.

The frequency of Crystals is exceptionally stable due to their ancient and powerful memory centers. Their presence alone can raise the vibration of an environment. Crystals can also send and receive energy to amplify the intention of the user.

These unique traits make Crystals indispensable in technology.

It also makes them extraordinary allies for personal growth.

Unlocking Wisdom

The capacity of Crystals to store memory means each one has thousands of years of historical knowledge and wisdom. When a carefully selected Crystal arrives at IX, we nurture it. We begin to unlock its innate wisdom, setting the foundation for the IX Crystal to blossom when matched with the perfect Keeper.

Elevate Your Vibrations

At IX, we take great care to match you with the perfect Crystal for your journey of spiritual growth. The more attention, and intention, you put into building a relationship with your Crystal, the more you will sync up with the brilliant energy it radiates.

IX Signature Session

During your private session, our Crystalogist will gain an understanding of your dreams and goals, then match you with an IX Crystal to amplify and nourish your vision.

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The Consciousness Compass, filled with energetic wisdom.