IX Crystals

Accelerate Conscious Living

IX Crystals accelerate conscious living by supporting the body, mind, and soul's desire to be in alignment. This journey of awakening inspires spiritual growth, to clarify and amplify your connection to self, others, and the planet.

IX High-Frequency Crystals

Our IX Crystals are high-frequency, resonating in a way that encourages the surrounding energy to rise to match it. Crystals can protect, inspire, and heal while guiding us to achieve our greatest potential.

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IX Masters

IX Master Crystals have unique qualities and shapes that act as conduits to higher realms of consciousness. They are extraordinary teachers, known to hold and transmit vast amounts of information and wisdom.

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The Gallery

A selection of IX Crystals from around the world.

IX Signature Session

During your private session, our Crystalogist will gain an understanding of your dreams and goals, then match you with an IX Crystal to amplify and nourish your vision.

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