Frequently Asked Questions

Instituto Xilonen (IX) is a New York institute dedicated to the advancement of conscious living.

We match high-frequency Crystals with individuals and institutions who seek to amplify their ability to live life and influence the world from a place of higher consciousness and harmony. We also provide support for the growth and nourishment of our Crystal Keepers through a variety of touchpoints and experiences.

In our work, we look at the body, mind, and spirit, knowing that life is a balance where all three areas need nurturing and self-expression. Crystals can support us in every phase.

IX Crystals are chosen for their exceptional quality, grade, and energetics. We partner with only a small number of select, family-owned Crystal suppliers known worldwide for their integrity. Once a Crystal is received in New York, we lovingly care for it through a series of rituals and processes designed to awaken its energetic beauty and prepare it for placement.

An IX Crystal remains with us until it is carefully and intentionally matched with the person, its Keeper, who is most suited for its gifts and purpose. After the Crystal matching session, the Keeper receives an IX Passport that contains information about the unique properties and traits of each Crystal. The Passport also includes a customized special message for the Keeper and instructions for care.

In addition, all Keepers become part of the IX community. The IX Crystals form an energetic connection with one another around the world. Keepers have the opportunity to connect through ongoing support, exclusive ceremonies, events, and experiences, all designed to deepen the Keeper-Crystal relationship.

We have over 400 Crystals in our collection, encompassing various shapes and sizes. We work mostly with 12 types of Crystals due to their properties and wide range of use.

The IX Collection has 12 Master Crystals dedicated to the organization and others that are available for placement. Master Crystals are large in size with unique qualities and characteristics that act as conduits to higher realms of consciousness. They are extraordinary teachers known to hold and transmit vast amounts of information and wisdom.

IX Crystals are not sold in stores. Our work is customized to the needs of each individual so that every IX Keeper is matched with the Crystal that is perfect for them. We have two types of programs for individuals.

IX Signature Private Session
The IX Signature Private Session begins with a $500 deposit and an intake questionnaire to help us understand your unique needs and goals. Upon submitting the questionnaire, a private meeting is scheduled about six weeks out, either in our NYC office or digitally. In the interim, the IX Crystalogist and team carefully review your intake form and then pre-select three to five Crystals from our extensive selection of over 400 museum-quality Crystals. These pre-selected Crystals will be presented to you during your hour-long meeting, where you and the Crystalogist will work together to fine-tune your selection. More information and a link to begin the IX Signature Private Session can be found here.

Seeds of Light
Seeds of Light is an exclusive opportunity to honor a special someone’s birthday with a bespoke IX Crystal. Through a private digital matching session, your recipient will choose their perfect Crystal from the comfort of home. The process is similar to the IX Signature Private Session, except that the Crystal comes from a pre-selected IX Collection. There are three tiers for the Crystals, beginning at $600. Seeds of Light can also be gifted for any other special occasion or as a companion for your own journey. More information can be found here.

IX Crystals are museum quality, meaning they are both high quality and high value. We also provide IX Crystal Keepers with ongoing support and exclusive experiences for their journey of higher consciousness through the IX community around the world.

Seeds of Light  ($600, $1600, $3,200)
Individual Placements  ($800 – $250,000)
Institutional Placements  ($50,000 – $1+ Million)

Yes. IX develops collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations across the globe to co-create innovative programs, events, and initiatives in a program called Partners in Light. Our current partners can be found here. If your work is in alignment with ours and you’re interested in becoming a partner, please contact

Yes. We have many clients outside of the United States, and Crystal placements in a dozen countries around the world. For overseas clients, we schedule an IX Signature Private Session or Seeds of Light session over Zoom. Shipping costs for the IX Crystal will be discussed during the session when the Crystals are presented. If you are seeking a larger placement Crystal, we may also be able to schedule a site visit.

The IX Signature Private Matching Session and Seeds of Light are proprietary experiences that we have carefully developed to ensure that you and your Crystal are a perfect match from the moment you make your choice. For this reason, we do not have trial periods, offer discounts or payment plans, or accept returns.

Our website has a great deal of information and resources. If you need additional help, please contact