Tap into your knowledge to enjoy a peaceful life. - Ana

Ana Hernández González

Board Member and Vice President

Ana is the Spiritual Advisor to Instituto Xilonen, using her clairvoyant and psychic gifts to further the mission of IX.

Since childhood, Ana has been aware of her connection to the energy radiating from all of life. And although her path to the deep spirituality Ana holds today has been unconventional, it has amplified her intuitive gifts exponentially.
Born in Monterey, Mexico, Ana is the granddaughter of Roberto González Barrera, and the sister of Mayra Hernández González, the two co-founders of IX.

Ana credits her grandfather for teaching her to be observant, nourishing her ability to read people and understand their feelings at an early age. With his sensitive nature, Roberto also instilled his deep commitment to humanity, inspiring Ana to be in service wherever possible.

Roberto and Mayra’s work ethics also influenced Ana, teaching her the importance of discipline to achieve one’s goals.

Ana took all of this to heart, first graduating college with a degree in psychology, then following a new passion into the field of cosmetology. This was a perfect blend of skills. Ana could understand people in an instant, and then thoughtfully guide them to unveil their inner and outer beauty.

Ana continues to be a perpetual learner. Along with her many interests, she has studied Emotional Kinesiology, Neural Linguistic Programming, and Aromatherapy. She has a deep love for animals, currently sharing her home with three dogs, a cat, and a chameleon.


Mayra Hernández González


Roberto González Barrera


Board of directors

Mayra Hernández González

Chairman & CEO

Mayra is an engaged and motivating leader which embodies the firm culture. Mayra shapes and approves the organization’s strategies, reviews results and sets the organization’s overall direction.

Ana Hernández González

Board Member and Vice President

Ana advises the organization on the development and execution of the strategies. She supports the CEO on building long standing strategic partnerships and relationships that will drive growth and enhance conscious living and serves as public champion and establish credibility.

Sara Lomelin

Board Member and Secretary

Sara will ensure the organization remains in compliance with all the state and federal mandates. She serves as the official record keeper and advisor to aid board directors in fulfilling their fiduciary duties and informs Board Members of news affecting their job responsibilities.

Alexandra Guzmán Ibáñez

Board Member and Treasurer

Alexandra will oversee all finance, fundraising and resource planning functions. She oversees financial reporting, record-keeping and managing incoming and outcoming funds and support the organization to achieve their short-term and long-term plans on a financial basis.

IX Team

Rae Fagin

Resident Crystalogist


Ahmer Kalam

Creative Director


Carrie Singer

Executive Assistant