The means for achieving good health is a desire that drives us all. But trying to find methods of healing without clarity can easily result in frustration, since we don’t know what it is we’re looking for. So often, we pursue that all-important goal of good health without asking ourselves the most important question: What is good health first of all?

Good health means something different to every individual, and it should be curated as such. Begin by asking yourself, what does being healthy mean to me? The question initiates a search within yourself, a chance to meditate on the motivations that give your life meaning. As you think about the question, what shines out to you will be the essential elements of your life’s purpose.

As we go deeper into our search, we’ll also find the foundations that all humans share.

We all have within us the incredible potential for giving and receiving with freedom and joy. We all have the power to love, and be loved in return.

How much understanding and clarity an individual has about their life, and moving forward with the grace of spirit, is all built upon this search for the meaning of good health within ourselves. Finding what we want with the least expended energy is the most wholesome pleasure we can give to our mind and body, but it’s only attainable by nurturing our soul’s purpose.

With a unique Crystal you’ll be able to uncover all the exciting possibilities of your own vitality.

In possibility, expectations are born, and through loving yourself and others, the possible can become the probable. Instead of worrying or doubting, listen both to what your body and your feelings say. Tune into your mind, gather information from your intuition, and write down any considerations—both pros and cons—from your projected future. From this, an enthusiastic expectation will emerge. Expect the best, because lowering expectations never eliminates failure, but only diminishes the ability to create.

Most of all, trust yourself. Trust is the most powerful energy for creating anything in life, and the most important component you will need for change to occur.

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