IX Crystal Grant Program

It is with great gratitude that we offer the Instituto Xilonen Crystal Grant Program to further our work around the globe.

We believe that Crystals are to be shared – and that every Crystal wants to be of service.

We place IX Crystals with organizations and nonprofits that recognize the need for spiritual nourishment to accomplish their mission. In specific, we are looking for visionary leaders and organizations who are using their platforms to accelerate conscious living and improve the planet.

IX Crystal Grants are available quarterly.  Deadlines are:

March 31
June 30
September 30
December 31

We will review your application and respond within 60 days.

If your program is selected:

1.  We will schedule an IX Private Session with you (via web or in-person in New York City), to ensure that we match you with the IX Crystal best suited for your work.

2.  In most cases, the IX Crystal will be loaned for a specific amount of time, depending upon your project and need.

3.  We will also teach you how to build a relationship with your IX Crystal to facilitate the success of your work.

We are partners.

We view our IX Grant Recipients as partners, and we want to help you reach your goals. As such, we have three requests.

1. You agree to follow care and cleansing protocols for your Crystal.

2. You inform us of any unexpected challenges in working with the Crystal, so that we may provide you with the support you need.

3. You share your successes with us!

Please complete this application, in full, and return it with attachments to:
[email protected]

Download PDF

If you have any questions about our grant program or the application, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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