In honor of Earth Day, Instituto Xilonen has partnered with Uovo to present IX Crystal Biktor, an impressive 8ft., 5,000 lbs. Celestial Quartz Crystal.

IX Crystal Biktor will be showcased throughout April as a tribute to Earth Day. Dedicated to ushering the wisdom and presence of Crystals into the modern age, Instituto Xilonen recognizes Biktor as an inspiring creation of Mother Earth.

For centuries, Crystals have amplified humanity’s potential. Today, individuals and organizations continue to harness this same potential to find the resonance for expanded vision, energetic alignment, and spiritual growth.

IX Crystals are known for their museum quality, and they are sourced with integrity from around the world. They undergo a proprietary process to maximize their potential, with some of the IX Crystals are housed at Uovo.

Each IX Crystal possesses unique characteristics that expand with heartfelt attention and care. IX Crystals are carefully selected as powerful allies in your journey to elevate your vibration – guiding you from where you are to where you aspire to be.

With 260 global placements spanning 16 countries and a community of over 170 IX Keepers, Instituto Xilonen is making a meaningful impact, one Crystal at a time.

Cathedral Quartz


Third Eye, Crown


Water, Air


Ascension, Evolution, Consciousness


14in x 20in x 74in4,150 lbs


Lavra do Urucum near Galileia, Minas Gerais, Brazil


History & Lore

Cathedral Quartz has a unique growing pattern, where multiple points develop in parallel to the main crystal shape, creating a formation reminiscent of the turrets and spires of churches and castles. Cathedral Quartz are often called “cosmic computers,” because they hold so much information. They are said to be programmed with the knowledge needed for humans to evolve to the next level of consciousness.

Qualities & Uses

Cathedral Quartz holds the vibration of the potential of humanity’s most evolved souls, allowing us to learn the material developments on Earth needed to raise human consciousness. When we are afraid of evolved consciousness and spiritual development, Cathedral Quartz is able to act as a comfort and safety point from which we can explore from. In this way, Cathedral Quartz is a gateway to spiritual connection for us. These Crystals help us access guidance, wisdom, and support from Spirit.


The name Biktor means "conqueror" or "victory."

The Gallery

A selection of IX Crystals from around the world.

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