At the New York City-based Xilonen Institute, we help to harness the power of crystals not only for individuals, to provide physical, mental and spiritual well-being, but also to enhance the performance of great leaders and organizations.

First, we carefully source museum quality crystals. Using methods we’ve developed through years of practice, we match the “resonance” the person or organization needs with crystals whose energy frequency can empower them.

Since crystals hold so much energetic power, they’re first “blue printed” and then “programmed” with the specific vibration needed. This strategic selection, cleaning, programming and placement by experts at Xilonen Institute can transform a place into a space where its highest intentions manifest.


Instituto Xilonen High Frequency Healing Crystals

IX High Frequency Healing Crystals have been matched with owners and placed in private residences, eco-lodges, spas, philanthropic organizations and corporations worldwide.

Emôcean Initiative

Your purchase of a Xilonen crystal helps enable our goal to place 1000 healing Herkimer diamonds throughout the waters of the world, in oceans, rivers, seas, lakes and streams.

Water is a powerful conduit of energy and life, yet it is also one of our most vulnerable natural resources. Instituto Xilonen is committed to utilizing water features across the globe as channels of healing with the strategic placement of specifically programmed healing Herkimer diamonds.

Mayra was born in Monterrey Mexico to generations of self-made entrepreneurs who combined care for their communities and the earth with their work.

When Mayra served as the Executive Director of Social Responsibility and Head of Corporate Responsibility of Banorte, Mexico’s third largest financial institution, she became responsible for finding ways for the bank to give back while contributing to its growth. In 2004, she conceived was called “Mujer Banorte,” the first program in Mexico to financially empower women. She has also served on the board of Fundación Origen,a non-profit that supports underprivileged women in Mexico.

Mayra now serves as a board member of the Synergos Institute, among other board commitments. In 2012, the Aspen Institute named her a member of its First Movers Fellowship Program. Mayra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Certificate in Administrative Science from Harvard University.

Her vision for the Xilonen is simple, but powerful: “I want an opportunity to share the benefits of these crystals,” Gonzalez has said. “I also want to have these magnificent crystals in strategic places such as public spaces or philanthropic organizations, to be doing what they are meant to be doing: moving energy with the intention to make this world a better place.”


When we walk into a room or meet someone for the first time, we typically form an immediate impression and may feel a certain way in response to the person, the space, or the objects in the space.

They can give us, in other words, a vibe or “vibration.”

Although everything in the world has a vibrational frequency, some crystals emit a  higher frequency and their strong energy field a has positive impact on a person’s well-being.

Their ability to send and receive frequencies makes their use in technology indispensable,but these ancient formations are also considered by many spiritual practitioners as memory centers, reservoirs of powerful energies that can variously help to heal, protect, inspire, energize and aid in helping us fulfill our highest intentions. In the same way that we don’t see music but we feel its emotional and aesthetic frequencies and vibrations, so too the effect of crystals.


For specific requests and inquiries please email jessica@institutoxilonen.com