Armonia's Crystal Introduction

Harmony, regeneration, and interconnectedness


Larry Lunt, the founder of Armonia, a family office based in Greenwich, Connecticut, has dedicated his life’s work to fostering positive and regenerative environmental outcomes. Armonia’s mission revolves around philanthropic and private investments that aim to rejuvenate the land and promote healthy local food systems. Larry Lunt’s values are deeply rooted in the belief that multiple forms of capital—be it financial, human, network, or intangible—can be harnessed to facilitate systemic shifts toward harmony. This approach seeks to catalyze the regeneration of soil, soul, and society by sowing the seeds of interconnection, well-being, and holism within society. Armonia’s core objective is to support and collaborate with visionaries who share this perspective, working tirelessly to create a more sustainable and interconnected world.

Armonia’s Impactful Philanthropy:

Armonia’s philanthropic endeavors have been instrumental in driving positive change within the realms of environmental and social impact. The organization has extended its support to numerous leaders in the field, including Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, One Better Ventures, RSF Social Finance, and Soil Capital. These collaborations have allowed Armonia to influence transformative initiatives and accelerate the adoption of regenerative practices on a global scale.

Larry Lunt’s Vision:

Larry Lunt’s journey towards regenerative philanthropy was shaped by a profound understanding of interconnectedness and holistic well-being. Larry holds a degree in economics from Louvain University in Belgium and earned his MBA from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. Propelled with this knowledge and his unwavering commitment to environmental and societal harmony, Larry embarked on a mission to make the world a better place through Armonia’s philanthropic efforts.

Instituto Xilonen’s Role:

Recognizing the alignment of Armonia’s values with their Instituto Xilonen’s mission, an invitation was extended by Larry Lunt to Armonia’s office in Greenwich, Connecticut. A team of crystallogists conducted a transformative workshop aimed at helping the Armonia team understand and harness the energy of Crystals and the principles of energy work. Led by Vianney, a senior Crystalologist at Instituto Xilonen, the workshop allowed Armonia’s team to explore the energetic dimensions of their work and how Crystals could amplify their intentions. Especially as it impacted the organization’s commitment to harmony, regeneration, and interconnectedness.

Armonia’s journey, guided by Larry Lunt’s vision and fueled by their commitment to regenerative philanthropy, has been further enhanced by the transformative insights gained through their collaboration with Instituto Xilonen. The workshop and the placement of the Crystal have deepened Armonia’s understanding of energy work, reinforcing their dedication to creating positive and regenerative environmental outcomes. As Armonia continues to support visionaries and initiatives that share their values of interconnectedness, well-being, and holism, their partnership with Instituto Xilonen serves as a powerful testament to the potential of conscious and energy-aligned approaches in fostering a more harmonious and sustainable world.