Public Placements

Since 2012, Instituto Xilonen Crystals have amplified the intention and mission of events around the globe. These events have been quite diverse in scope, yet always aligned with the IX mission to accelerate conscious living.

David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Awards


Over 300 people attended this evening event to honor three outstanding global leaders with the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award.   Attendees from around the world also learned from each other, discussing how positive change is inspired by actions that deepen trust, strengthen collaboration, and release the energy and ideas of individuals, communities, and organizations.  Instituto Xilonen was a sponsor of the evening, placing high-frequency Crystals to amplify the vibration and inspire all in attendance.  This event was organized by the Synergos organization and founder Peggy Dulany.

Luxury Lab Global


IX Co-founder Mayra Hernandéz Gonzaléz was invited to this luxury brand and travel summit to speak about the wellness trends of 2018.  Mayra spoke about the increased number of individuals seeking experiences that nourish consciousness and deepen the connection between mind, body, and soul.  For her presentation, Crystals were placed at the room’s entrance and on stage to demonstrate how Crystals can raise the vibration of an environment.  Mayra also shared the story of her journey to South Africa in 2016, where she placed three high-frequency Master Crystals at the ecolodge in the Londolozi Private Game Reserve within the Greater Kruger National Park.


South Africa

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Women's Forum


The theme for this forum was “Co-creating Together.”  Over 500 global leaders from all sectors of society gathered to examine how to open new social and economic opportunities for women and the need to involve everyone in the process of change.  IX Co-founder Mayra Hernandéz Gonzalés spoke about using Crystals as co-creative partners.  Four IX Master Crystals were unveiled during the talk, as Mayra introduced the specific properties of each and how to use them for conscious transformation.

I Am Here Series


The I Am Here Series was a conference where women could recognize their potential and vital role in designing peace at different levels in their communities.  Influential peace activists such as Marianne Williamson and Zainab Salbi gave inspiring presentations.  During this conference, four IX Master Crystals were onstage during the entire event.  All speakers had the opportunity to unveil the Crystals and experience their ability to raise vibrations and accelerate consciousness.

Encuentro Mundial de Valores(Worldwide Meeting on Human Values)


H.H. Dalai Lama was the guest of honor at this three-day conference where 6,800 leaders from around the world gathered to talk about the importance of human values.  Topics discussed included education in the 21st century, emotional reconstruction, women as drivers of safety and peace, and the family as the foundation of the social fabric.  IX was invited to place Crystals to amplify the energy of the conference.  This was our first invitation to support an event with IX Crystals and initiated our public placement program.

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