IX Events

IX Events harness the subtle energies and cycles of the Universe to nourish our body, mind, and soul.

We amplify the intention of each gathering with powerful IX Crystals, specifically chosen to support the topic.

Join us for a variety of educational and soul-filling events, all designed to broaden our understanding of energy – and how we can use it to create more balance in our lives and throughout the planet.

Due to the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, we're suspending all public events for 2020.

Astrology 101 with Demitra Vassidalis
Thursday, August 6th from 5-7:30pm 


A practicing Astrologer for 25 years, Demitra’s services include, natal chart readings, solar return readings, synastry readings, electional astrology, which is helping clients select auspicious times for major life events. Her practice is located in New York City.

Demitra will be leading us through a workshop designed to understand your own birth chart. Please provide your birth date, time and location before the workshop.

Crystal Grid Workshop with Vianney
Wednesday, September 16th from 6-7:30pm 


Vianney Bringas is the Resident Crystal Metaphysician of Instituto Xilonen. From the time the Crystals arrive at Instituto Xilonen, Vianney is charged with their proper handling, programming and safekeeping. She designs rituals and conducts workshops on their use and care. She aims to share her extensive knowledge of spiritual practices with Instituto Xilonen’s clients, crafting individualized programs that will help each client achieve their own unique higher consciousness.

Learn how to create your own healing Crystal grid with Resident Crystal Metaphysician, Vianney. 

The Class by Taryn Toomey at Instituto Xilonen
Tuesday, July 14th from 6-7pm


The Class by Taryn Toomey is a music driven practice where we exercise the body to engage the mind. Through physical conditioning, we “work out” mental and emotional behaviors to create new tools for experiencing life.

Through a series of repetitive simple cardio and strength-based exercises, students are invited to witness their response to whatever arises during the movement. This can be anything from physical discomfort to unexpressed emotions leading the participants through a journey of engaging with the body as a lever to the mind. More often than not, the same internal dialogue that shows up during The Class is also showing up off the mat.

The Class is limited to 14 people so please reserve your spot early. 

Past IX Events

Spring Equinox, March 24, 2020
with Demitra Vassiliadis
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IX Signature Session

During your private session, our Crystalogist will gain an understanding of your dreams and goals, then match you with an IX Crystal to amplify and nourish your vision.