Siria, which is a name of Spanish and Persian origin that means "sun-bright or glowing"

Greek legends associated Amethyst with Dionysus, the god of wine, due to the Crystal's wine-like color. Amethyst was thought to protect one from excessive drunkenness and keep those who wore it clear-headed and quick-witted. Amethyst was also carved into wine glasses to help prevent intoxication.Amethyst is a soothing, calming stone that promotes stability, tranquility, and peace. Its healing and cleansing powers help us move through obstacles to find emotional balance. Amethyst's high-frequency cleanses negative energy and surrounds the body with a protective bubble of light. When enveloped in this sense of safety, our Divine connection strengthens, consciousness expands, and creativity, balance, and inner harmony thrive.Chevron Amethyst has layers of White Quartz within the stone, creating a unique, inverted V-shaped pattern known as a chevron. In this type of Crystal, the Amethyst and Quartz work together to enhance access to our inner vision and repel negativity.

Siria a master Chevron Amethyst Sphere is associated with Jupiter as the planetary ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius. Siria inspires the spiritual enlightenment and activation of the third eye and crown chakra that Pisces is associated with. Siria also transmits the desire for truth and wisdom associated with Jupiter as the regal ruler of Sagittarius. Siria is a crystalized manifestation of Jupiter’s protective qualities. Amethyst comes from the Greek word meaning not intoxicated and is known for protection from harmful substances, energies, psychic attacks and intoxications that prevent the enlightenment that Siria can help us to achieve. Siria, a master Amethyst inspires the elevation of consciousness, and the energy of spiritual ascension, direct perception of Higher Truths and conscious connection to Source that is the desired result of all spiritual practice.

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