Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart
Element: Water
Keywords: Love, Healing, Unity

The history of Rose Quartz dates back to 7000 BC and the Mesopotamian civilization. Tibetan and Chinese cultures revered the stone as well, associating it with love in 600 BC. Egyptians believed Rose Quartz could prevent aging, as evidenced by Rose Quartz face masks found in ancient tombs.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and an ally for all matters relating to the physical, emotional, and spiritual heart. This beautiful Crystal creates deep healing by bathing us in the high-frequency resonance of love to gently release whatever blocks our ability to give or receive this most essential energy. When our channel for love is open, we feel love for ourselves, others, all beings, and the Divine, and we can express it freely. This sense of unity and connection is the essence of love.


Chakra: Crown, Third Eye
Element: Air
Keywords: Clearing, Spiritual Connection, Clarity

Selenite is named after Selene, the ancient Greek goddess of the moon. The Greeks used Selenite in windows instead of glass. The large arched windows of Santa Sabina, a 5th-century church in Rome, were made of Selenite, not glass. Windows let light in so we can see clearly – a beautiful metaphor for the healing properties of Selenite.

Selenite is an incredibly powerful stone for clearing and cleansing. It is often used for cutting through dense and stagnant energies. It also cleanses and protects your aura from energetic attachments that do not serve you. Selenite activates the higher chakras, opening us to spiritual guidance. Selenite enhances judgment and insight, clearing any confusion so we can make the best decisions for our personal evolution.

Black Tourmaline

Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Keywords: Protection, Purification, Grounding

The name Tourmaline comes from the word “turmali,” the name given to crystals found on the island of Sri Lanka during the late 1600s. Dutch traders originally used Tourmaline to pull ash from Meerschaum pipes. Today, among other things, Tourmaline is used in electrical tuning circuits because high frequencies can be passed through the stone without harming it.

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate grounding stone. Known as an “energetic vacuum cleaner,” Black Tourmaline removes disharmony, negativity, and stagnant energy, releasing it back into the Earth. With this shielding effect, Black Tourmaline creates a sense of protection and safety during challenging or stressful situations. By purifying negative thoughts, self-doubt, and anxiety, Black Tourmaline reminds us that we are safe and worthy so we can feel comforted, supported, and self-assured.

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