Social Consciousness

To accelerate conscious living on the planet, we must act in alignment with our values - both personally and professionally.

At IX, one of our core values is social and environmental responsibility.

We believe that Crystals are gifts from the Universe. As such, we see ourselves as stewards of these exquisite creations, caring for them with deep respect.

We partner with only a small number of select, family-owned Crystal suppliers around the globe. These suppliers are known for their integrity, working closely with Crystal miners to ensure that proper safety precautions and protections are in place. All miners are working-age adults who receive fair wages. And mine sites are renatured to leave a minimal human footprint.

We strive to balance aesthetics with efficiency and sustainability. In both our packaging and day-to-day operations, we use recycled and natural materials as much as possible. We focus on having a digital office to keep the use of paper to a minimum. And we do our best to support small businesses – even the fabric pouches for our Crystals are hand-sewn by local artisans.

Raising our vibration, and the vibration of the planet is an ongoing process. At IX we are committed to creating a better world in every way we can.

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