Our Vision

To elevate consciousness globally, inspiring a deeper connection to ourselves and our planet.

Our Mission

To bring the power and wisdom of high-frequency Crystals into the present day to accelerate conscious living.

Crystals are gifts from the Universe,

timeless beings whose energy

is ready and waiting to be unlocked.

Crystals are gifts

from the Universe,

timeless beings whose

energy is ready and

waiting to be unlocked.

We consider ourselves stewards, docents, curators, benefactors, patrons, and ultimately matchmakers, joining IX's high-frequency Crystals with you - their Keeper.


IX Crystals grace private residences, healing environments, eco-lodges, spas, philanthropic organizations, and corporations worldwide.

Global Placements

IX places high-frequency healing Crystals around the globe through our philanthropic and private placement programs. As a social enterprise, our strategic intention is always to advance peace, harmony, and conscious living.

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Instituto Xilonen Crystals

Emôcean Herkimer Diamonds

IX Philanthropic Initiatives

In addition to our private placement work, we have two philanthropic initiatives - our IX Crystal Grant Program and our Emôcean Initiative.

IX Crystal Grant Program

Crystals are brilliant companions for organizations and nonprofits that recognize the need for spiritual nourishment. In this initiative, we place high-frequency IX Crystals on loan with visionary leaders and organizations who are using their platforms to improve the planet.

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Emôcean Initiative

Water is a powerful conduit of energy and life, creating natural channels of healing wherever it flows.  Water is also one of our most vulnerable natural resources.


IX is committed to supporting the waters of the world.  A portion of our income is used to strategically place 1,000 highly intentioned healing Herkimer diamonds in oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, and streams around the planet.


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