Daniel Briez

A passionate researcher on the understanding of the being and the psyche, Daniel Briez found his cognitive realization, for the first time, in metaphysics and the great Traditions – the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and more.

Since 1998, these texts lead him to perceive the quantum dimensions of the individual and universal “mechanics” of consciousness. For 30 years, Daniel has shared his studies through teaching and published works in the areas of esotericism, chromatic and magnetic resonance, and quantum medicine.

Born in 1953, Daniel is a prolific lecturer, author of 16 books (5 to be published), passionate about lithotherapy, and a pioneer in alternative quantum medicines. Daniel draws from his personal experience a very humanitarian lesson. Self-taught, with no allegiance, he knows how much knowledge is obtained by perseverance and especially by questioning one’s own knowledge.

At a very young age, Daniel became impassioned with philosophy and esoteric and metaphysical sciences. He spent the first 35 years of his life circling the planet searching for personal answers until 1989, when he collided with the wall of his certainties, therefore, hopelessly crashing his “cartesian logic.” While his life was collapsing, bringing about a deep existential crisis, color opened his perception and offered him new life perspectives.

In 1991, Daniel took a course in Great Britain that introduced him to perceive the energy of colors. This perception led him to establish a relationship between his senses and the traditional roles of Chakras. He then developed an ease to “travel” within modified states of consciousness. This is how Daniel’s first book was born, “La Science des Chakras, voie initiatique du quotidien” (which in English means, “The Science of Chakras, initiation path of daily life”).

Daniel decoded the way color triggers the typologies of response in human behavior. Crystals, color flasks, and color filters were his first tools. Looking for greater effectiveness and a simpler use of his assistive tools, he discovered that essential oils bear the same resonance capacity as color.

When Daniel combined these two resonance phenomena in 2000, he had the idea of launching the line of “Color Perfumes,” under the brand Altéarah, to make the daily use of color easier. After eight years, he left the company before returning in 2018 with a richer line, incorporating his latest energy and quantum research. The evidence about the effect of those products sparked off a profound interest by users, both private and scientific, or members of the medical community.

During all these years, Daniel conceived four identification methods for individuals, typologies, that regulate themselves by the energy of Angels (Angelic theme), colors (Chromo Theme), crystals (Crystal Theme), and his latest to date, sound (Codal Theme). Currently, Daniel devotes his time mainly to the distribution of the “Color Perfumes” and to teaching, facilitating courses on personal development, and professional trainings for practitioners on the Crystal and Codal Themes. He also consults.


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