Grounded Expansion to Access the Heart

We are being called to expand and consciously create the world we wish to see. But where do we start?

Join Instituto Xilonen (IX), in partnership with Mineral Muse, Sadie Kadlec, for a six-part experiential process of Crystal exploration and growth that leads us to a place where radical transformation can both occur and stabilize.

In the first five podcasts, we become familiar with the grounding or expansion energies of a different Crystal each day. These class sessions end with a meditation where participants will learn to hear their own unique message from the Crystal. During the last class, we bring everything together and use the solid foundational work of grounding and expansion to open and awaken the immense power and transformative properties of the heart.

Mineral Alchemy Series: Classes and Meditations

Classes #1-5 explore a different Crystal each day through both discussion and meditation. Class #6 synthesizes and anchors the work. Each podcast is available in two formats. One includes the entire teaching and meditation. The second is only the meditation for ease of repeated listening.

Class #1 - Black Tourmaline

A grounding mineral to reconnect us to our foundations and help reframe challenging experiences.

Class begins with an overview of the Mineral Alchemy Series and an introduction to the theme.

Black Tourmaline - Full Class & Meditation

Black Tourmaline - Meditation Only

Class #2 - Selenite

An expansion mineral to invite peace and connect us to our higher purpose.

Selenite - Full Class & Meditation

Selenite - Meditation Only

Class #3 - Smokey Quartz

A grounding mineral to facilitate ease and movement between the physical and spiritual.

Smokey Quartz - Full Class & Meditation

Smokey Quartz - Meditation Only

Class #4 - Amethyst

An expansion mineral to bring clarity of mind and intention, and an awareness to willingly open our hearts.

Amethyst - Full Class & Meditation

Amethyst - Meditation Only

Class #5 - Amazonite

A heart-expanding mineral that asks us to be capable of unconditional love.

Amazonite - Full Class & Meditation

Amazonite - Meditation Only

Class #6 - Synthesize & Anchor

We begin by synthesizing the themes, thoughts, and vibrations that we have connected to and discovered. Then, in a guided meditation, the breath is used intentionally to expand and open the heart so that these energies can weave together and anchor.

Synthesize & Anchor - Full Class & Meditation

Synthesize & Anchor - Meditation Only

The Course Trailer

About Sadie Kadlec

The Course Trailer

About Sadie Kadlec

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Course Cost

The course fee is $126. This includes six live Zoom classes, emailed recordings of all classes, an optional Private Facebook Group for daily Q&A and community building, and a guest pass for the entire course that can be shared with a friend or loved one so that you can learn with a buddy. You may register here.

Reserve Your Spot

Optional IX Grounded Expansion Kit

An optional IX Grounded Expansion Kit is available to support your experiential journey.

The price is $68, which includes the five stones explored in the course, a stick of Palo Santo, and an IX intention candle.  

Available on request

Sadie Kadlec, Mineral Muse

Sadie Kadlec is a community builder who empowers others to find their voice, heal, and trust their inner-knowing to bring their gifts and light to the world. Her lifelong passion for earth energies and minerals prompted deeper reflection in metaphysical spirituality. After years of exploration and study, she founded Mineral Muse to help others awaken their connection to the Earth, energy, and to themselves. Sadie’s offerings are a blend of modalities, recognizing that everyone’s journey to healing and spiritual expansion is unique. With her intuitive perspective, gentle touch, and absolute confidence in her students, Sadie’s classes are life-changing and profound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?
Anyone seeking to expand consciousness, heal, and find their own voice. In this course, we deepen our self-understanding and experience the constant support and guidance available from the mineral kingdom to help us balance body, mind, and spirit.

Do I need prior experience with Crystals?
Everyone has the ability to work with these Crystals – just participate with an open mind and heart. No prior experience is necessary.

Do I need to have all the Crystals to participate?
We will be working in the energetic realm, where the process and the practice itself will be transformative. If you do have the Crystals, wonderful. If not, you will still get great benefits connecting to them energetically. As a convenience for those who feel called to purchase a set of the Crystals explored in this class, IX created a Grounded Expansion Kit. More information can be found here.

Why did you choose these Crystals?
Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, and Amazonite represent a community of energy. By bringing them together, we can lean on all of their strengths.

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