Jaia, which means "victory" in Hindi

Pyrite derives its name from the Greek word pyr, meaning "fire." Pyrite can create a spark when struck and became a valuable fire starter in prehistoric times. Many ancient civilizations used Pyrite in jewelry, including the Greeks, Romans, and Incas. Ancients also used the reflective surface of Pyrite as a mirror. Today, we use Pyrite as a mirror for the soul to help us recognize harmful habits and establish new patterns with a positive, can-do attitude.Pyrite is a stone of manifestation, action, and determination, pulling from the Earth's abundant power to give us a refreshing dose of strength and vitality. Pyrite energies ignite our inner warrior, boosting confidence and generating the willpower to achieve goals and wealth through daily, focused effort. With each step, Pyrite grounds higher knowledge into movement, inspiring choices that nurture our community and world.

Jaia, a master crystal of Pyrite, is associated with Mars, the planet of action, his element fire, and his rulership of Aries the sign of the daring Ram. Pyrite comes from the Greek word meaning fire, which is the element that initiates action and inspires enlightenment. Pyrite is a strong stone, indicative of the unwavering determination and grounded discipline, focus and strength of Mars the master strategist of the zodiac. Mars as the ruler of Aries, also rules the eyes, the brain and the cerebrum, and is agent of intelligence and enlightenment, especially when the Sun is in Aries, his exalted placement. Jaia this master crystal inspires the enlightened clarity, determination and intelligent focus and perception that leads to victory.

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