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Seeds of Light   I   Starting at $176

The extraordinary Crystals in this limited-edition collection were selected specifically for their beauty and energetic properties - and are perfect for the gift-giving season. 

Your Seeds of Light gift includes:

High-Frequency IX Crystal

Personalized audio message with your wishes and intentions.

Meditation to activate the Crystal-Keeper connection.

Jewels of Light   I   Starting at $200

Created by Birgit Müller, Jewels of Light are stunning creations that bring the beauty and power of IX Crystals with you, wherever you are.

About Birgit Müller, Designer

Birgit Müller is an artist who brings her extensive knowledge of Crystal energies and personal touch into magical designs that reflect her love and awe of the natural world. Her one-of-a-kind Crystal necklaces and bracelets are designed to help the wearer enjoy life, amplify positive energy, and provide the deep support that underlies all new growth and expansion.

Birgit often begins with a particular stone that holds meaning because of its place of discovery, unique nature, or how the stone came to her. From here, Birgit works with the seasons, color themes, and color theory, combining stones of various shapes with gold and silver elements. Her designs are suitable for everyday, as well as formal occasions. They can be worn individually or combined to create different looks and energetic qualities.

Give a gift of purpose and intention - one that is designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit.

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