IX Covid Response

The Covid-19 pandemic has given everyone a reason to slow down, reflect, and respond with as much innovation and grace as possible. At IX, we’ve chosen to act physically – and energetically – knowing that this is a call to awaken and expand consciousness.

Physical Actions

  • We closed our office in NYC from March – September to allow our team to work remotely from their homes on three continents. As Covid spikes occur, we will continue this practice.
  • Upon returning to New York City in September, we quarantined, then implemented all CDC guidelines for interactions with staff, essential visitors, or workers.
  • All in-person events have been suspended for 2020.
  • Private Crystal Matching Sessions have shifted to a Zoom-based format. Our team has created additional steps to replicate the in-person experience as much as possible.

Energetic Actions

  • The IX Master Crystals, and the IX family of Crystals around the globe, have united to elevate the energetic response to the pandemic and all who have been impacted by it.
    • Early in the pandemic, we created “Breathe with the Trees,” a 4-minute guided meditation to use the power of our breath and intention to support those impacted by Covid. Since then, it has been translated into two additional languages (Spanish and French) and viewed over a millon times.
  • Our IX staff adopted two non-profits: Save the Children and the GoFundMe Small Business Relief Fund. In addition to an initial monetary donation, we begin each weekly meeting with a meditation to send blessings, love, and support to each.
  • We launched a new website in May to expand our ability to connect, reflect, and inspire the IX Global Community.
  • The Consciousness Compass was launched in June. This monthly resource accelerates our ability to live consciously by inspiring our inner explorer.
  • Our partnership offerings have increased via online meditations and presentations, all designed to deepen our connection to Spirit and each other.


We continue to look for ways to offer energetic global support through these remarkable times. We invite you to share our resources and join us as we create a new world together.

IX Signature Session

During your private session, our Crystalogist will gain an understanding of your dreams and goals, then match you with an IX Crystal to amplify and nourish your vision.

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