IX Grounded Expansion Kit

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The IX Grounded Expansion Kit is an additional $68.

An IX Grounded Expansion Kit is available to support your experiential journey.

The Kit was designed by IX, exclusively for participants in this course. It includes the five stones explored in the class, plus a stick of Palo Santo, and an IX intention candle, as explained below.

Palo Santo
The smoke from Palo Santo, which translates to “holy wood,” is traditionally used for spiritual and energetic cleansing, and to prepare for ceremony. To use, carefully light one end of the stick and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Focus on the smoke, intending to clear the physical, mental, and emotional space you are in so that you can be open to the possibilities ahead.

Intention Candle
Light the candle as you set your intentions. Open your heart to possibilities and think of the dreams and desires you hold for the journey ahead with your Crystal.

The Stones
Each stone in the IX Grounded Expansion Kit was chosen for a particular purpose:

Class #1: Black Tourmaline – a grounding mineral to reconnect us to our foundations and help reframe challenging experiences

Class #2: Selenite – an expansion mineral to invite peace and connect us to our higher purpose

Class #3: Smokey Quartz – a grounding mineral to facilitate the ease and movement between the physical and spiritual

Class #4: Amethyst – an expansion mineral to bring clarity of mind and intention, and an awareness to willingly open our hearts

Class #5: Amazonite – a heart-expanding mineral that asks us to be capable of unconditional love

– – – – – – – –

Mineral Alchemy: Grounded Expansion to Access the Heart is presented by Instituto Xilonen (IX), in partnership with Mineral Muse, Sadie Kadlec. This six-part program is an experiential process of Crystal exploration and growth that will lead us to a place where radical transformation can both occur and stabilize.

Reserve Class + Kit

The IX Grounded Expansion Kit is an additional $68.

*Kits are limited and will be sent upon booking, therefore arrival before class start date is not guaranteed. Available to Mexico and US only.