A Visual Meditation of Citrines for Self-Esteem

With IX meditations, we create an opportunity for everyone to interact with stunning Crystals from the IX Collection.

In this meditation, we bring five magnificent Citrines to life through the power of video imagery, music, and affirmations.

Allow yourself to be drawn into the beauty of our Crystals. Listen to your inner voice as it reflects the wisdom of the Citrines and inspires reflection around the theme of self-esteem.

We hope you will view this five-minute meditation every day for a month. With repeated and intentional listening, you will be nourishing your soul while creating new thought patterns to enhance every part of life.

Meditative Experience for Inspiration and Self-Actualization

Allow yourself to melt into this meditative experience that uses Crystals, music, and guided imagery to connect your body, mind, and soul.

During this 8-minute journey, you will be surrounded by a bubble of light and safety.  From here, you can access your inner wisdom, explore your purpose in life, and begin to dream your future into being.

Join us as we visualize a new world, where hope is the initiator and joy is the healer, and where all live with a sense of connection and peace.