Arhana, which means "worship" in Hindi

Lapis Lazuli is a regal stone often associated with the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Sumerian royalty. Catherine the Great, the Russian empress, decorated a room in her palace complete with Lapis walls and fireplaces. When the Sumerian goddess Inanna went to the underworld, she wore Lapis beads and carried a Lapis rod to represent the world's natural cycles and eternal life. Lapis Lazuli calls to mind the image of a starry night sky, royalty, and ancient wisdom. As a stone associated with the mind and intuition, Lapis removes mental and spiritual blocks to personal truth by encouraging deep self-assessment and reflection. This investigation creates the opportunity for connection with inner knowing, forgotten knowledge, and the spiritual guidance of the Universe.

Arhana a master crystal sphere of Lapis Lazuli is a crystalized essence of mighty Jupiter, the planet named for the King of the Gods in Roman mythology. From Jupiter, also called Jove, the word jovial is derived indicating optimistic, cheerful and filled with optimism. This massive planet rules travel, wisdom, higher learning, adventure, generosity, the higher courts and Divine Protection. Jupiter is considered to have a benevolent influence on worldly affairs and is associated with the protection of the guardian angel. Jupiter confers wealth, generosity and largess on those he favors.

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