Lynsey Erickson

"Crystals help ground and restore my energy, so I can be a light for myself and others."


Lynsey Erickson, Assistant Crystalogist at Instituto Xilonen, works directly with the crystals themselves. In addition to managing and maintaining the IX Crystal inventory, she also assists clients in the precise selection for their individual needs.

Lynsey graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln before moving to New York to start her career, beginning at Colossal Media, a creative agency specializing in hand painted murals. During this time, she became chronically ill from mold exposure, which introduced Lynsey to alternative wellness and holistic nutrition as a path to healing. She decided to pursue these passions and enrolled at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, where she received her Holistic Health Coaching Certification. In addition, she completed her 40-hour Sound Practitioner Certification at WOOM Center.

For Lynsey, wellness is not only about the individual body, but extends to the wider practice of environmental stewardship. Raised on a farm in Nebraska, Lynsey has always felt a connection to nature and believes in regenerative farming as a pathway to fight climate change. She has trained in Soil Advocacy with the nonprofit organization Kiss the Ground, and enjoys volunteering on farms across the city and in upstate New York.

Lynsey brings a wide array of holistic experience to IX, where she nurtures the power of Crystals to help amplify each Seeker’s intention.


Mayra Hernández González


Roberto González Barrera


Board of directors

Mayra Hernández González

Chairman & CEO

Mayra is an engaged and motivating leader which embodies the firm culture. Mayra shapes and approves the organization’s strategies, reviews results and sets the organization’s overall direction.

Ana Hernández González

Spiritual Advisor

Ana advises the organization on the development and execution of the strategies. She supports the CEO on building long standing strategic partnerships and relationships that will drive growth and enhance conscious living and serves as public champion and establish credibility.

Sara Lomelin

Spiritual Advisor

Sara will ensure the organization remains in compliance with all the state and federal mandates. She serves as the official record keeper and advisor to aid board directors in fulfilling their fiduciary duties and informs Board Members of news affecting their job responsibilities.

Alexandra Guzmán Ibáñez

Philanthropy Advisor

Alexandra will oversee all finance, fundraising and resource planning functions. She oversees financial reporting, record-keeping and managing incoming and outcoming funds and support the organization to achieve their short-term and long-term plans on a financial basis.

IX Team

Rae Fagin

Resident Crystalogist


Ahmer Kalam

Creative Director


Carrie Singer

Executive Assistant


Alison Seligson

Chief Operating Officer


Elizabeth Buffone

Director of Experience


Vianney Bringas

Resident Crystal Metaphysician


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