Beth Larsen

"Every IX Crystal has something to say. I'm the lucky one who gets to put that wisdom into words."


Beth Larsen, writer and consultant for Instituto Xilonen has worked in nonprofit education and social justice causes for over 30 years.

Beth graduated from college with a Business Administration degree before spreading her wings, moving from Michigan to Colorado to pursue work in marketing and communications.  From there, she went to Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, where she was recruited as an actress for commercials and television.

After a successful career, Beth shifted her focus to educational nonprofits, to make a positive difference in the lives of low-income children.  Her marketing and communication skills and love of education were welcomed.  The Positive Thinking Foundation, Nancy Reagan Foundation, and Los Angeles Unified School District all benefitted from her unique skillset and heart for the underserved.

After 21 years in LA, Beth moved to Bend, Oregon, where she currently resides.  Here she spent 12 years with medical nonprofits, raising money and developing programs for cancer patients and immigrants before turning her 40-year love of holistic medicine and energy work into a new career.

Beth is a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner, combining several types of modalities into her healing work with pets and people.  Beth brings her insightful nature and expertise with subtle energies to the IX Team.


Mayra Hernández González


Roberto González Barrera


Board of directors

Mayra Hernández González

Chairman & CEO

Mayra is an engaged and motivating leader which embodies the firm culture. Mayra shapes and approves the organization’s strategies, reviews results and sets the organization’s overall direction.

Ana Hernández González

Spiritual Advisor

Ana advises the organization on the development and execution of the strategies. She supports the CEO on building long standing strategic partnerships and relationships that will drive growth and enhance conscious living and serves as public champion and establish credibility.

Sara Lomelin

Spiritual Advisor

Sara will ensure the organization remains in compliance with all the state and federal mandates. She serves as the official record keeper and advisor to aid board directors in fulfilling their fiduciary duties and informs Board Members of news affecting their job responsibilities.

Alexandra Guzmán Ibáñez

Philanthropy Advisor

Alexandra will oversee all finance, fundraising and resource planning functions. She oversees financial reporting, record-keeping and managing incoming and outcoming funds and support the organization to achieve their short-term and long-term plans on a financial basis.

IX Team

Rae Fagin

Resident Crystalogist


Ahmer Kalam

Creative Director


Carrie Singer

Executive Assistant


Alison Seligson

Chief Operating Officer


Elizabeth Buffone

Director of Experience


Vianney Bringas

Resident Crystal Metaphysician


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